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Flounder gigging has been a favorite past time in North Carolina for 100's of years. Stories tell of Native Americans spearing flounder using a piece of lighter knot to illuminate the water. In later years families would wade and shine gas lanterns down on the water in search of flounder. Today we illuminate the water with high powered halogen, and other types of lights. 

While gigging you will see all kinds of sea life in it's natural state. Conchs, whelks, stingrays, small sharks, starfish,alligators, shrimp. If it swims on the water, we are likely to encounter it on a gigging trip. Even encounter sea turtles at times. If you are a newbie to the sport, or just a family here on vacation on Topsail looking to do something different, we cater to all skill levels. I can accommodate up to three comfortably. Inquire about parties larger than three. We offer trips from 4 hours to all night. Inquire about shorter trips.


4 hours $400

4 hours to all night $500


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Latest Reports


Summer time is here, and so is the summer time bite. The hot summer is the best time of the year to target trophy speckled trout on the flats. Some days we are able to sightcast these trout along with the redfish. The gigging has been good, and will continue to be through December. To keep up with what is happening daily, please find me on Facebook! Just search Breadman Ventures. 


Christmas is upon us and it has been another great year. I have upoloaded a new video and will get pictures from the past year uploaded over the coming week. I hope you and yours has a Merry Christmas! Gift certificates go on sale today. There was an overwhelming response last year, so I have decided to do it again this year for a few days. 


It was a great fall and an unusally cold winter. The winter and spring red drum fishing was awesome despite the cold. Summertime is coming on in, the gigging has gotten very good, and the fishing inshore has been on fire. 100's of new pictures and videos will be uploaded today, and I will try and be better about updating this report! You can find us on Facebook also, just search Breadman Ventures.



It has been a great summer! The redfishing has been good all summer, and we have had some more BIG trout on topwater, with lots of nice keepers. The flounder gigging trips have been limited because it has been so windy this year. We have went the past three nights and have harvested 18,18 and 21 last night. The photos have been updated!


The topwater trout action has been on fire, and there have been some big fish landed. We had a 8 pound 7 ounce a couple of days ago. The flounder bite is going strong, and the redfish are ready to hit topwater. Some days the reds have hit all day long, other days you have had to search for them. The gigging has been very good when the winds have allowed. The photo albums have been updated.


The fishing has been hot over the past month. There have been a couple slow days sprinkled in. The trout and reds are in their summer patterns and burning topwater plugs up, and there have been some citation trout and overslot reds landed on topwater. The flounder bite, which has been slow to kick off this year, is finally picking up. The flounder gigging has been awesome whenever the weather has allowed us to get out and go. The photo albums have been updated, be sure to check them out!


Summer like weather is finally here. The gigging has been good when the weather has allowed. Been averaging 12-16 flounder per 4 hour trip. The topwater redfishing has been awesome the past few days, and have been some nice trout mixed in as well. The flounder bite has finally kicked off inshore. The photo albums have been updated, check out the pics from the past 2-3 weeks!


The past couple weeks have been insane! We have had speckled trout up to 7 pounds 7 ounces, and have had days of 40+ keeper specks. The topwater trout bite has been on FIRE some days. Check out the photo album for pics of the last couple of weeks.


Spent the moring sightcasting to about a 1000 reds. We plucked a few out of the mayhem.


A slow morning trip today. The fish were there, but did not want to bite, only caught 3. I ran a afternoon trip, and it was on! Put 18 reds in the boat.


12-13 redfish total today on a trip, and one big fat flounder.


A great half night gig charter last night. We stuck 16 flounder.


I did a little gigging last night. Stuck 16 flounder in four hours. The photo albums have been updated with recent pics from the past week.


I did some scouting on my own today for a few hours. They were CHEWING. I caught 12 reds and 17 trout.


Another great trip today. We caught 15-16 reds in the wind and spooked a school of upper and overslot reds.


GREAT DAY on the water. Caught over 30 reds and some nice trout on a trip.


Spent the day sightcasting to three different schools of reds in the shallow water. They did not want to eat, caught a few. Tears my nerves up watching them swim around the boat!


Been slower the past couple days. Huge cold front has come through. It should pick back up in another day or so. Catching a few fish. 


Slower day today following the big storm system that just come through. It was really windy and the water pretty muddy. Caught a couple nice trout.


Great trip today for the Maiden voyage on the Mako. We landed speckled trout over 5 pounds and caught over 15 redfish. Some of the reds were over 30"s. Great day today.


Spring is finally around the corner! December gave us some awesome Speck fishing, and the fishing has been good all winter. I have basically taken the past two months off to get some minor health issues in check, only been out 4-5 times in the month of Feburary. That is not like me.  I also have a new sled for the 2013 season, a Mako LTS. Sweet boat. The boat is ready and am I am now physically ready! See you on the water!


Another good gig trip with some rookies. 12 fish in 4 hours.


Limited out on on flounder with a group. 24 fish.


Killer day again today on the red, flounder and trout.


Killed the drum and trout today on topwater. Killer day out there.


Killed the drum and trout today.


A good gig trip. 8 flounder in a few hours.


14 trout, 18 reds on a 4 hour trip.


A little slower today, but big nice trout.


A great gig trip. No monsters, but solid fish.


25+ reds and 25+ trout today.


Trout drum and flounder today.


Caught fish all day today. Trout/flounder/drum/stripers.


First trip since hurricane Sandy. 9 reds 4 trout in 2 hours.


Another good gig trip last night. Some doormats.


A few nice fish caught today on a scouting trip.


12 fish gigged on a 4 hour trip.


9 nice keeper trout and some small ones.


A little slower trout bite today. Still put 7 keepers in the boat however.


A great trout and flounder bited this morning on a half day trip.


Another great gig trip. Limited out at 12, with some trout and big mullets also. 


27 keeper trout this afternoon. Solid bite.


Another great gig trip with a group from TN. We limited out with 24 in 4 hours.


Another great gig trip with some guys. Stuck 12-13, all big fish.


Another great gig trip. Biggest fish was 30".


A good 4 hour gig trip last night with some kids. 10 fish put in the boat and a couple of conchs.


A good quick trip this afternoon. A few flounder, few trout.


Good four hour gig trip last night with some guys. 12 fish put in the boat.


A good day of fishing today. Caught topwater drum and flounder all day, although most were small, it was non stop action.


another good 4 hour gig trip. 14-15 flatties put in the boat.


A little slower on the fishing today. Caught some fish, but only a couple keepers out of the mix.


17 flounder last night gigging. One was 8 pounds.


Reds, flounder, trout. A lot of small guys today.


A good night of gigging last night. 27-30 fish.


A few flounder,reds and a big spanish today. Nothing to write home about.


A few flounder and reds today.


Good gigging last night. 37 fish total.


Another good 4 hour gig trip last night. 12 fish and some were BIG!


Another great 4 hour gig trip last night. Some big flounder.


38 doormat flounder last night. Some big girls.


Limited out last night on a 4 hour gig trip.


Slow day fishing today. Caught a few.


Some really nice specks today on topwater


Yet again, more speckled trout!


A great half day with some kids today. Kept 7 nice trout, and reds and flounder were also landed.


Another great day of trout fishing. Kept a two man limit, and had some reds and flounder also.


A two man speck limit put in the boat this afternoon in tthe pouring rain.


Another 3 person speckled trout limit today. Caught some reds and flounder also.


We limited out on trout and reds today. All on topwater. Great day. Had a nice keeper flounder in the mix also.


The fishing has been good over the past couple of weeks. Catching reds on topwater, flounder and speckled trout. It has rained a lot!!


Fishing has been good over the past couple of weeks with some days being better than others.


Stuck 8 flounder last night on  a 4 hour trip.


Caught some reds on topwater out of a huge school, and went home with three keeper flounder also.


Just added a new video from todays trip to the video page. Check it out!


The fishing has ben very good the past few weeks. The flouunder are biting good, and we have caught some uo to seven pounds. The topwater redfish has been EXCELLENT when the wind has allowed for sightcasting. The flounder gigging has also been very good when conditions allow.


Lots of small flounder again today. Still went home with a little meat.


3 nice keeper flounder out of about 15 or so. Lots of little flounder.


A good afternoon of fishing. Caught fish, but got blown off the water by a nasty storm.


A slow 4 hour gig trip last night. Water was a little murky and it was a little windy. Stuck 5.


Another great 4 hour gig trip with a great family. Stuck 12 flounder and some butterfly rays.


Had a great 4 hour gig trip with some guys from WI. 15 nice flounder and a couple of mullets.



A lot of flounder caught and lost today. Went home with 4 nice keepers, one being a doormat.


Some nice reds and flounder caught today!


A lot of flounder caught today, two being nice over 20 inches.


Some days have been better than others over the past week and a half. It's fishing!


Did good on the flounder last night. Had one over 10 pounds.


18 flounder while gigging last night.


13 upperslot reds landed this afternoon on topwater. A great afternoon!


A little slow on a half day today. Wound up with a couple nice flounder.


Located a nice school of reds this am in the wind. We could see the fish, put one nice one in the boat. Salvaged the half day trip with some nice keeper flounder. The biggest flounder was around 4 pounds.


REDFISH SWIMMING AROUND THE BOAT! Hundreds of them, they just would not take a bait. 


A little slower day today, put still come home with a couple nices reds on a half day trip.


A great 4 hour trip this am. 7-8 reds in the boat, kept 4 nice keepers.


Took a family trip this afternoon. We put some overslot reds in the boat on topwater.


Good day redfishing. Filmed a large school pushing water,


Around 12 flounder landed today. Did really well on the topwater reds also. The reds were running 21"-29".


Slow trip in the am. Made up for it in the afternoon. Put a 21", 23" flounder in the boat along with some nice trout.


A little stormy, but finally was able to make it out for a 4 hour gig trip. Stuck 13. 


Had a great 4 hour gigging trip last night. We limited out. 18 flounder.


Had a fun afternoon flounder fishing. Caught around 20, but only two nice ones. A 21" and a 23". 


A slow 4 hour trip this afternoon. We could see the reds pushing, but just would not bite.


Fished the Redfish Action out of Scotts Hill. We caught fish, but only weighed one. All of our fish were over the slot but one.


Spent the day scouting for redfish for an upcoming tourney. Found some nice ones.


Really windy over the past week. Almost too windy to do anything. Fishing has been okay on the days when the wind has not been as bad.


More Atlantic Bonito fishing. Caught a 60 pound black drum also.


Atlantic Bonito fishing. They are out there!


Another great day Atlantic Bonito fishing.


We had a great day sightcasting reds. The fish were there, but a little finicky. My guys did get to carry a couple upper slots home, and got to see the reds like they never had before.


Atlantic Bonito!! Did good off the beach today on the AB's.


A little slow today. Really windy, and a cold front pushing through made it tough.


Another great four hour redfish trip today. Put  10-12 on the boat along with some flounder.


A GREAT four hour trip this morning. Upperslot reds in a school. It was on! 


Slow night of gigging on a four hour trip, little windy, not many fish out. Unusual.


4 hour gig trip. Stuck a 7 pounder and a 5 pounder. The kids had a blast.


A slower day of fishing that what it has been. Really windy, only caught a few small ones.


Stuck 14 nice flounder on a 4 hour trip. Storms ran us off the water at the end. 


A great day of fishing today. Some mid to upperslot reds were on the menu as was some flounder.


Stuck a three person limit last night on a gig trip. Some 5+ pound fish also. 


Tough windy night of gigging, but managed some doormats. 10 fish total.


Slow day of fishing today running from storms. We caught some small flounder/trout/drum. Slow day.


Another great night of gigging. 22 fish.


Another night, another 20 flounder. A few bigger ones in the mix.


Another good night of gigging. 18-20 flounder, some big mullet, and a few speckled trout.


Good night of gigging last night. 16-20 in the boat in a few hours. Made a new video also.


Spent a windy night on the water with a group that wanted to go despite the conditions. Saw a few small ones, but it was a rough four hurs in the wind. 


12 or so reds today, some trout and a few flounder. Kept some for the dinner table.


Killer day of speckled trout fishing. Kept a two person limit of 2-4 pounders.


We had a GREAT day fishing today. Lots of fish. No monsters, but very nice reds and trout. 


Slow day today on the reds following a coldfront. We did find some trout, and one HUGE one, just could not put them in the boat.


18 fish total last night gigging. One flounder had three eyes, kinda weird......


A little slower last night gigging, but did end up with 8 nice fat flatties.


Last night was another great night of winter gigging. 18-20 fish total. We made a video last night also, be sure to check it out on my video page!


Great night of winter gigging last night. 16 flatties.


Tough day today, only caught a handful. 


Very  tough day on the water today. Super low tides, windy, made it tough to locate reds and fish. Managed 7 redfish and two black drum. Very tough day.


Had a great 4 hour trip last night. Stuck our limit of flounder and trout, with the biggest trout being 5 pounds. Great night!


Another good night last night. We stuck our limit of flounder and a trout.


Yet another great night last night. 15 flounder and some BIG citation sized trout. Beautiful night to have been out there.


We had a great night of gigging last night. Several nice trout and some pretty flounder.


Stuck 16 flounder last night. I will take that anytime in January. They seem to taste better in the winter. :)


We had a good night of winter time flounder gigging last night. Stuck some flounder and a couple of trout. Click on the video link to see the video we made while we were out there!


We had a good day fishing for redfish today. Landed 11-15, and a couple of flounder and a black drum.


We had a killer day today. 30+ reds and 10-12 nice fat specks. The biggest specks were 3-3.5 pounds. Great day on the water. 


20+ reds caught today. We never found any big ones though, most were 16-20". Still a fun day. A few trout and flounder were in the mix as well.


The fishing has been good the past few weeks, as well as the gigging. There have been a few slow days in the mix, but that is to be expected this time of year. Lots of small trout around, but we have landed some 5-6 pounders over the past couple weeks.


Fished half the day with my son today. We kept 11 keeper trout, biggest was over 4 pounds.


Very cold night gigging last night! In the 20's. 67 flounder put in the boat.


I had a half night gig trip last night. 16 fish in the boat. Biggest was 7 pounds.


Fished a half day charter today. 15 Keeper trout put  in the boat! Not too shabby!


Some very nice fish  last night on a gig trip. Over 30 put in the boat!


Smoked them last night on a commercial trip. Had some 8-10 pound fish in the mix.


I had a great gig charter last night. We had 21 fish in the boat by 1 am. The biggest fish was around 6 pounds.


We had a greaat day today. Really windy and cold. Put 8 nice keeper trout in the boat, a couple of keeper flounder also. Caught 25 or so flounder, 25-30 trout and a couple of reds. Great day.


Full day charter today. The trout bite was slow, but we caught a few keeper flounder, and a bunch of small ones, and a really nice fat redfish.


Afternoon charter today. A little slow on the trout. Did manage two nice keeper flounder, but lost 3 at the boat. Stumbled into a school of tailing reds at dark, that was fun.


A short gig trip last night. Windy and tough, only got a few.


Afternoon trip today. 4 fat keeper flounder out of 30, and some small trout with one being a keeper. A fun 3-4 hours.


Gig charter last night. Stuck 16 and the biggest was around 6 pounds.



It was a little slow today with an advancing cold front. Managed a couple keeper flounder and a nice speck. Lost a couple nice flounder.


We caught some very nice specks on a charter today. We did not kill them, but we caught quality fish. 2-4 pound specks and the biggest red was 26" and 8 pounds.


Gigging charter last night done very well. Went home with 20 flatties!!

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  • "Both my Dad and my brother treated me to a great day of fishing. This was my first guided trip and we had an awesome experience. Allen worked very hard and he put us on the fish..."
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  • "Alan, Thanks for the awesome flounder gigging trip last night. It turned out to be a good one with 18 flounder in the boat. Hope to see you again next year as I practice all ..."
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