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Your Guide to the Topsail Island/Sneads Ferry area


Quotes Alan, Thanks for the awesome flounder gigging trip last night. It turned out to be a good one with 18 flounder in the boat. Hope to see you again next year as I practice all year not to miss the one that got away. It wound up being 32 pounds of flounder that we caught. Quotes
Mike Kies

Quotes After being frustrated trying to learn my way around inshore fishing (deep reservoir freshwater background) I finally booked a trip with Allen to learn the area and the fish. Within 20 minutes out of the marina I caught my first drum on topwater and from then it was game on. My brother and I were wore out from a day of slaying fish on topwater and jerk baits. We learned more than I thought anyone could teach in a single day and I feel fully confident I can find fish and get em to bite every time I go out now... I'll save the money I spent on the charter with the amount of fuel I'll now save cutting out unproductive holes! Absolute must if you are a new angler to the area, or just one who wants to learn stuff that nobody without the years on the water that Allen has could teach!!! Aaron Quotes

Quotes Capt. Jernigan, My son and I had a blast on your boat Wednesday. I appreciate an experience that will last a lifetime. We have never topwater fished at the ocean. And I have fished pretty much all my 50 years(almost)! Thank you also for taking pictures of all our great catches for the day...please forward to this email address. Maybe next time we'll be in your neck of the woods on a new moon for chance at a "floormat"! P.S. What a trout!!!!!!!! attaboyPap​py@comcast.​net Quotes
Bill Papineau

Quotes I am from Wisconsin and was on Topsail Island for a vacation. My family and I had never heard of flounder gigging until someone told us about it at East Coast Sports. They got us hooked up with Captain Allen, who took us out later that night. (06/26/12) The night started out slow, but Allen worked really hard to put us on some fish. He coached us in what to look for and how to properly gig a flounder. The night picked up and we ended up getting five flounder each. Allen answered all of our questions and explained everything about fishing in the Topsail area. We had a great time and would definitely go with him again. If you're in the neighborhood, we strongly recommend fishing with "The Breadman." Quotes
Matthew Lutze
What the heck is flounder gigging?

Quotes Allen, Thanks for the great trip flounder gigging. What a beautiful night. I appreciate the way you patiently showed me and my sons how to spot and gig the flounder. It was certainly a successful trip and we have thoroughly enjoyed eating the catch. I have fished with many guides and seldom do I find one who is willing to fish as hard and long as you were to insure success. Thanks again. Quotes
Steve Deaton

Quotes Both my Dad and my brother treated me to a great day of fishing. This was my first guided trip and we had an awesome experience. Allen worked very hard and he put us on the fish. Allen give you 110 % he is the best guide by far. Quotes
Todd Fair
Great Birthday gift

Quotes Thanks again for a great trip earlier this week. As the ole saying goes.. I guess we were a day late.... I knew you were putting us on fish all day, but they just weren't in the biting mood after that nasty front came through. You really went the extra mile to be sure we caught some fish though. I really appreciate the effort! You are top notch! Quotes

Quotes After having my curiosity piqued by flounder gigging, I sought out "The Breadman" to try some for myself. Capt. Allen called at about 9:00 PM on Tuesday and said that it would be a perfect night for gigging, and we were at the dock by 10:00! Talk about a nice surprise. The flounder gigging was AWESOME!!! It started out a bit slow, but the other marine life was plentiful. Captain Allen's knowledge of all the different living things alone was worth the money for the trip. Then, things really picked up and we started slamming them. High fives were thrown, laughing ensued, everyone was having a great time. We got to gig the shores of Camp Lejeune, where my Grandfather met my Grandmother while he was a marine. We finished then night at about 2:30 AM with 15 flounder and two mullets. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. My mom even said she wants to go next time, just to watch the fish! Thanks, Captain Allen! You will see us again! Quotes
Captain Dave Lutze
Cleveland, Wisconsin

Quotes My 12 year son and I went flounder gigging with "the breadman" in early April and had a very memorable experience. We gigged a 7# and a 5# among the 10 that we took home. We liked Allen so much went Red Drum fishing with him a couple of days later and of course caught fish. Allen REALLY knows the area and will put you on fish. I have had charters with other guys and by far Allen is the best that is out there. He works VERY hard to make sure you have a good time. We have a home on Topsail Island and will difinitely be hooking up with Allen many more times in the future. Robbie Fuller Topsail Island Quotes
Robbie Fuller

Quotes I have had the opportunity to take two trips with Allen over the past couple months. One was an all night gigging trip, while the other was a full day inshore charter. I have fished with a number of guides over the years and I can honestly say that Allen works the hardest to ensure his clients are successfull, while enjoying their time on the water. The day of the inshore trip was very tough. Fishing was slow and we had to run from some some storms in the late afternoon. We were on the water by 6:00AM and Allen was more than willing to go back out after the weather cleared up to try to find some more fish. He worked very hard all day and we did not return to the dock until almost 8:00PM. What is nice is that a "Full Day" is truly a full day with Allen. If you are ever in our area and our looking to try gigging, or want to experience our great fishery here in the Wilmington or Topsail area, I highly recomend you give Allen a call. You will not be dissapointed. Quotes
Eric Anderson